Holidays and Sugar

Fall holidays, with all the delicious candies and other treats, begin with the celebration of Halloween. Did you know the average plastic jack-o-lantern used to collect Halloween goodies can hold over 9,000 calories worth of candy? And that’s mostly sugar calories. Getting cavities from all that sugar isn’t the only candy-related worry we have for you or your kids and grandkids during this holiday. Read on to see ways to have a safer holiday season.

Be Proactive — Practice Preventive Dentistry!

There’s a saying, “Prevention is the best medicine,” and that includes your oral health. Simply put, preventive dentistry is caring for your teeth to keep them healthy. Here at Marcus Dental Practice, we believe in working with you to take steps to prevent oral health issues before they arise. Let’s look at some of the ways preventive dentistry can be practiced and why it is so important.