Holidays and Sugar

Fall holidays, with all the delicious candies and other treats, begin with the celebration of Halloween. Did you know the average plastic jack-o-lantern used to collect Halloween goodies can hold over 9,000 calories worth of candy? And that’s mostly sugar calories. Getting cavities from all that sugar isn’t the only candy-related worry we have for you or your kids and grandkids during this holiday. Read on to see ways to have a safer holiday season.

Pay Attention to Jaw Pain — It Could Be a Sign of TMD

Every time we eat, drink, yawn, or speak we depend on a special joint in our jaws to complete the action for us. The joint can operate without problems for a long time and we don’t even think about it — until something happens and the joint ceases to work properly. That’s when our brain gets pains that signal that something isn’t right. What can you do?

Dental Implants Help Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Every dentist worth his or her salt tries to save a tooth whenever possible. Sometimes, due to excessive damage from injury or infection, that just isn’t possible. When a tooth is missing or has to be extracted, it is important to replace the tooth — not just for cosmetic reasons, but also to prevent further serious oral health issues later. Fortunately, there are many replacement options available, and one of the most recommended is the dental implant.

Do You Know the Dangers of Gum Disease?

A portion of our patients come in for their regular checkups, and it’s a shame, but we often see bleeding gums. I’m by no means trying to scare you with this message, but this is very important to me and I want to stress the possible dangers to you. There are so many correlations of overall health and your gums. It’s not uncommon for my patients not to realize this. Click here to find out how bleeding gums are connected to more than your oral health.

Be Proactive — Practice Preventive Dentistry!

There’s a saying, “Prevention is the best medicine,” and that includes your oral health. Simply put, preventive dentistry is caring for your teeth to keep them healthy. Here at Marcus Dental Practice, we believe in working with you to take steps to prevent oral health issues before they arise. Let’s look at some of the ways preventive dentistry can be practiced and why it is so important.

Crowns and Bridges — An Important Part of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is concerned with improving the appearance of your smile. Two restorations we use to restore the looks and functionality of your teeth are crowns and bridges. Bridges usually contain crowns, but crowns can be used without bridges. Confused? Let’s clear that up by finding out the similarities and differences in a crown and…